Why should you travel?

Why should anybody do anything?! Because they are driven in one way or another. But how to know what drives you unless you step into the unknown!

I will try to show you what stepping into the unknown has done to me


Whether you get lost or can’t understand the language or really want to find exactly that monument, you will solve it and get back home safely God willing. There could be some more challenging situations on your trips, but even harmless situations such as these give you a great boost of self-confidence. When you push your limits you get more courageous. It simply stays in you and affects your relationships, your work and your life in general.


Seeing all the beauties of the world, even if it’s within your own country, you start spreading your horizons. Many things influence your thinking but when you experience traveling you get to appreciate more spiritual values. Suddenly having that sweater in all colors becomes less important that saving some money to be able to  eat gelato and admire that view in Florence.


Whatever dynamic your life has, from time to time it is in danger of getting you into a rut. Going  on a trip can get you your sparkle back, refresh your routines and give you new ideas. When we are surrounded with new and different environment, we tend to be more passionate about the things in our life or the changes we want to make in it. Even if it’s just a day out in a nature, it can do so much for your inspiration. So, do it!


Learning is not only about the school. You learn best in practice. What better way to learn about new things than to see them first hand?! There are many different cultures out there in the world which have unique or different customs than ours. Experiencing the diversity of people’s traditions can broaden our horizons and give us insights into our lives, too. It will make you see you don’t actually know the half you thought you did, and it would be OK!


And in the end be adventurous because you will never be younger than you are now! So grab that thought and let yourself be more spontaneous and bolder. Travel to remind yourself of the Earth’s splendor, to push your limits, to recharge your “batteries”, to maybe learn a few words of a new language… It will all give you a great sense of accomplishment and put aside trivialities of daily life!






  1. Irena says:

    Uzivanje! I dobri saveti za svakog putnika – pocetnika!

    1. Tako je! To mi je i bio cilj! Da zainteresujem ljude za putovanje! :*

  2. Tina says:

    Wonderful! It has given me food for thought; thank you x

    1. Dear Tina, thank you so much for your lovely comments! Your support is unbelieavble! Many kisses to you! :* <3

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