Top FREE things in London

London is one of the most expensive cities in the world. This fact would often put off people from visiting this amazing city. However, London has so much to give free of charge! Here are some of the top free things in London you can experience!

  1. Museums

I was amazed to find out that some of the best London museums’ entrances is free! There is a Museum Quarter that has several big museums you can enter for free. In some departments within the museum you must pay the ticket for, but otherwise it is free to enter. Some of them have an option for you to contribute to the museum by giving a donation, but it’s not obligatory.

  • Natural History Museum

This was the first museum I went to. Be aware that you need to wait in a line for a while, especially at weekends. The Romanesque building itself is an awe-inspiring creation. I have waited for around 45 minutes to enter the museum but it was worth it! The huge dinosaur skeleton will welcome you into the room and from there many attractions await. I loved the simulation of an earthquake where you can learn about it as well as learn about different planets. It is so amusing and educative especially the use of interactive boards. A great activity to take your children to.

  • Science Museum

Just a short walk from the Natural History Museum you will see the Science Museum. This one is really popular and contains exhibits such as the first jet engine, the first typewriter, the first steam machine. It’s such a fun place where you can learn a lot about the history of science. Moreover, it is really interactive and again great for all ages.

  • Victoria and Albert Museum

I loved this one. It is also in the same street as the Science Museum. I enjoyed the sculptures from various periods but especially the renaissance ones. The masterpieces of great Italian artists that can be seen are remarkable. You can explore the collections of jewelry, ceramics, paintings and many more. A great  addition is a wonderful garden within the premises of the Museum.

  • British Museum and National Gallery

These two Museum are exquisite. In the British Museum you can go through the history of human development. There are different sections for many countries of the world and different periods. In National Gallery you can enjoy the masterpieces of artists such as Titian, Rubens, and Rembrandt and many others.

These museums are just some of the most popular ones, however London has the abundance of wonderful exhibitions and many more can be found and visited for free. It depends on your taste and preference.

  1. Parks

A delightful activity in London that is completely free is enjoying wonderful pars. Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens, St. James Park and many others are at your disposal for a walk, a bike ride, a picnic or just enjoying the nature. They are so vast and full of animals mostly feathered ones. I was charmed these oasis of peace in the midst of the busy city. These are places to run away from the hustle of everyday life and soak in the marvelous lakes, trees, animals… Do not miss to visit any of the London parks!

  1. Tower of London

It is definitely the sight that should not be missed. The Tower of London castle gives you an insight into the crown jewels and the history of English kings and queens. You can also hear something more about the ghosts haunting this castle amongst which is one of the Henry VIII women Ann Boleyn who was beheaded for treason. If you want to enter the castle you must pay for a ticket however there is a Ceremony of Keys that happens every night and is free of charge. It is actually a ceremony of locking up London Tower. It has been happening for the last 700 years without fail and it is very important because of the Crown Jewels. However, for this attraction you must book a free ticket online due to its popularity.

  1. Tower Bridge

This is one of the London’s iconic symbols. This magnificent sight is a movable bridge over the river Thames. There are exhibitions that you can visit here with the admission fee but pedestrians can also walk over the bridge and you can enjoy the bridge lift that is happening around four times a day. You can also check the exact times of the bridge lift online.

  1. Change of the guards in Buckingham palace

This is a remarkable attraction that is taking place in front of the Buckingham palace every day. It usually happens at 11 o’clock but you can check the exact time for a certain day online. The guards march on horses with the Royal orchestra and it’s a really theatrical experience that I recommend. But you should come there a bit early and take a good position in order to see everything because it is packed with tourists at this time.

  1. Window shopping

The store windows in London are so well designed that they are the exhibits for themselves. It costs nothing to go stroll around London’s shopping areas plus you can be inspired. I recommend visiting the famous department store The Harrods even though they sell mostly high end products. But the space itself is remarkable and worth the visit.

So if you are tight on budget and worried about spending a lot of money, choose your pick and have a splendid time in this marvelous city!

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  1. Ana Marija says:

    Super korisno za nas koji planiramo putovanje tamo 🙂 Parkovi su bajkoviti!

    1. Drago mi je da je od pomoci! Hvala najlepse!<3

  2. Irena says:

    Fantasticne fotografije, draga Marija! Uzivala sam, zajedno sa tobom! ☺💞

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