Step by step – new blog; what are the first steps in making a site/blog

Following blogs have been my hobby for the longest time. I loved reading them and following different individuals through their growth. Whenever I needed some information about anything, I would find it mostly in blogs. So, when the moment came for me to finally join the blogger family, I hit the pause button – how do you become a blogger?

Well extensive internet research, countless hours of figuring things out and a wonderful friend later – here I am!



  1. First steps.

Decide if you want to be just a hobby blogger i.e. to write for fun; or to maybe get serious about it. That will decide which platform you should use. If you are unsure about whether you are going to stick with consistent publishing of posts then you should chose some of the free blog sites. WordPress and blogger are the popular ones and would work just fine. But having your own site (as I’ve learnt) will give you all the freedom in adds, commercials, and content in general that people will see on your page. Moreover, having your own site looks so much more professional. People will take you more seriously which will be a bonus in case you decide to make some money blogging.


  1. Which platform?

So I’ve clearly chosen my own website. I’ve come to understand that it is not all that expensive as it may seem at the beginning. Many people have recommended a site or wordpress but I’ve found a company in my own country whose fees were the cheapest and the service is the same or even better since you can call them and have them solve any possible issues.



  1. Now what to look for?

You need a domain which is basically your name i.e. the name of your future site. Having a name on itself means nothing if you do not have the space to put your content in, and that is called hosting. Both are paid yearly in my case but there are different plans that you can chose in regard to your needs. I have just taken the basic one-year plan. It gives you a certain amount of work space and emails which is enough for a beginner.

  1. Now starts the fun-hard part.

You now need “a space décor” so to speak. In order to fill up the space you have you need to know the coding. Luckily, there are pre-made “space decors” that you can download and fill in with your posts. I knew I wanted wordpress right away. I also knew that I did not want to pay extra money on wordpress themes. Fortunately, there are many wonderful free wordpress themes that you can choose from.



  1. Choosing a theme.

For many themes you can find an extensive youtube tutorial on how to set it up. I was a bit complicated when choosing a theme because I couldn’t find tutorials for the ones I really liked. Perhaps you shouldn’t be that picky at the beginning and choose one that you can manage by following a step-by-step tutorial online. If you have never had experience with these kinds of things, trust me – you’ll need it!

  1. Help?

The previous step or this one for that matter can easily drive you crazy. It did bring me to the edge a couple of times. J And that’s when I realized: I can’t do this alone. There were too many questions on my part and I needed someone to answer it or just manage the things that weren’t fitting in. I suggest you hire an IT technician. It’s a one-time investment and believe me it will save you from a lot of headache. I have my boy @shomee89 (instagram profile) to thank for saving my nerves!



  1. Issues and rewords.

When it was time for putting up a post I’ve encountered another charming nerve-wrecker- images. Oh my, did it take a portion of my life. I can get into details about images upload in another post more extensively, but let me tell you it was not an easy one. The size, the resize, the upload errors…

Now don’t be discouraged! If you come up to here you can go on! After you figure out the images issues, and you will, you get a wonderful result – your own post! Whatever you’ve been through during this set up process, this successful post upload will be that much satisfactory. This leads us to another step which is SEO optimization. This one is still a learning process for me too, so I will leave my comment on that for a different occasion.

Bottom line is: if you are driven to succeed in implementing your plan, you will see it through – regardless of the obstacles. I have come to this point. I am anxious to see what’s beyond. I am a blogger beginner thus I wanted to share my experience while it’s still fresh. I hope this would help.





  1. Corinna says:

    Very nice overview Marija! Cool that you just decided to try it out too – and it paid off, your blog looks lovely! 🙂
    I’ve started while I was a student and then stopped after a year or so. Now I found this hobby again and really love it!

    1. Thank you dear Corinna. I am glad you like it. Love your site too! 💖

  2. Irena says:

    Ja cu uskoro praviti svoj, pa cu ti se obratiti za savete ☺

  3. Thanh Hazle says:

    Spitzen Beitrag, gefällt mir echt gut.!

  4. Weiter so ! Netter Beitrag 🙂

  5. excellent post thanks

  6. It’s Very Helpful to us, Easy and Briefly Described Keep Posting.

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