Things to do in Tallinn, Estonia

1.Visit The Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in the heart of the old town. This magnificent Orthodox church stands right next to the Parliament Building and it is hard to pass by it without admiring its architecture and grace.



2. The Danish King’s Garden – it is a garden situated just a few steps away from the Cathedral (on its right side) within the walls that divide Toompea hill from the Lower city. It has metal sculptures of the Three Monks which are lit at night. And the view from here is also spectacular. It can get better if you have a coffee or a hot drink in the café in the garden after you climb a set of very steep stairs.

3. Go to the Ole Viste (St. Olaf) Cathedral that was believed to have been the highest building in the world between 1549 to 1625. It is also a church that was stricken by lightening around 11 times. And as I have learned from a tour guide, none of the buildings in Tallinn may be taller than this church which is 123m tall.


4. Visit some of many museums that are concentrated around the Tallinn centre. Some of them are Art Museum in the St. Nicolas Church (5e fee), Estonian Maritime Museum (15e fee) with sea plane harbor exhibition, KGB Museum (10e fee) that show cases rooms in a hotel Viru in which KGB had its offices in 1970s.

5. Have a meal in some of the charming restaurants in the Old town. The locals suggest that the restaurants situated in the mere center Hall Town square are to be avoided since the price there is a bit higher and not in proportion to the food you are served. However, if you are interested in having a bear meet for lunch – some of these restaurants will offer it.



6. I had a great experience having lunch in a charming family place situated in between the houses and a cobbled steep road on the way down from the Danish King’s Garden. It’s called Bocca Pott café. It’s romantic and cozy little art place with a charming garden and affordable tasty food. Also you can find great meals in Pubs around the old city. They have a variety of pasta and meat and the prices are more than resonable. You can get a meal from as much as 4-6 Euros. But be careful about the sauces you order if you dislike the mixture of salty and sweet like I do.

7. Explore Tallinn’s dungeons. It’s a show called “Tallinn Legends” based on real Tallinn history and most terrifying legends. There are different rooms, interactive shows and live actors. Good if you find yourself in Tallinn during the winter.










  1. Irena says:

    Od danas je i Talin na mojoj “bucket list”!

    1. Definitivno!! Predivan je kao sto mozes videti! :* :* :*

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