Shar mountain – Ljuboten peak 2499m

Beauty whose tops remind us of Alps, proudly adorns the boundary between Serbia and Macedonia. The mountaineers’ target on the Macedonian side id Tito’s peak (2747m) while a true climbing experience offers Ljuboten peak (2499m) on the Serbian side in Kosovo.

Although I have been into mountaineering for a few years now, I couldn’t dare to go on expedition on Ljuboten in winter time. This peak, although not the highest one, is the most remarkable and certainly quite demanding when it is covered in snow. This climb is not a piece of cake during the summer neither.

A few of us from the Mountaineering society “Zmaj” Zvecan (the name of the society translated means “dragon” 🙂  ) have decided to team up with our “guide” Bratislav Stankovic –  a friend from the society “Uspon” from Strpce. The day was made for mountaineering and conquering another peak. We left the hotel “Molika” which is situated at 1750m.



It is far from boring hiking along the Shar Mountain. Wonderful world of nature and animals on this mountain have rightfully given it the title of the National park. And if it happens that the day is sunny without much wind, it is such a treat on this mountain. We have chosen a beautiful summer day when the nature was in its full bloom.

Road to the top as essentially not that strenuous but the path was quite long with a few steep ascend. At the attitude of 2300m we have reached a reef. We passed by Kule i Ljuboten neck.  We took six hours to the top. Of course, constant pauses for posing and taking pictures didn’t help our timetable. However, that didn’t concern us since walking through the nature, presented the aim itself even more than reaching the peak. And why wouldn’t it when there were so many magnificent sights on our way up.

Still, nothing can replace that remarkable feeling of reaching the mountain’s highest point. We say “ we have conquered the peak” when actually it is the mountain who, in its loveliness on that day, has let us reach the top. And what a sight!



Rare are occasions when it isn’t windy on that altitude. But the nature “treated” us and additionally made our stay at the top gorgeous. There we have met some other mountaineers who came in a group over the Macedonian side taking a lot shorter route.

On our way back we passed by Kule again and reached Strbacko lake which is a sight for sore eyes. The lake is situated at 2210m. This pearl in the midst of the mountain massive has enchanted me by its grace and beauty. It is a unique spot to take rest and enjoy nature.


And so, with friends, snacks from the backpacks and laughter, we started going back. We have left behind a marvelous sharp reef but not the wonderful feeling we have had. The Ljuboten Peak is certainly something that I recommend experiencing.






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