Magic in Estonia, Tallinn

Looking at the city on the way from the airport, it looks like just another European city. But the real beauty is hidden in the heart of Estonia’s capital – Tallinn.

I entered the old town and was left speechless at the sight of the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, the largest Russian Orthodox Church in Estonia. Its typical Russian church style mesmerized me and left me humble in front of its beauty. Alexander Nevsky, the protector of Russian faith and borders and the guardian of warriors won the Battle of the Ice on the territorial water of present-day Estonia.



Right opposite the Cathedral, Parliament Building is situated. It is said that Catherine the Great had a meeting in the Parliament building but considered the building so ugly that she decided to reconstruct its exterior and only after it was finished did she came into the building.  It is a nice story regardless if it’s true or not, although the Parliament building really was commissioned by Catherine the Great and now represents a gem of the city’s buildings.

UNESCO world heritage site and a center of technological innovation, Tallinn is one of the unique cities in the world. It gracefully combines modern technology leaving the medieval spirit intact. Walking through the city especially in the moment when it was all covered in white, it seemed as if the time stood still. However, on the other hand, the city known for inovative technology offers internet connection for free in alsmost all restaurants and shops in the city and there are also free internet points.


The best view of the town is provided on Kohtuotsa viewing platform which is just a walking distance from the Cathedral. Cobbled narrow streets and picturesque architecture makes the walk through the town so enjoyable, even in minus 6 degrees Celsius.



The main square in Tallinn made me feel like I was in a doll house. Pastel colored buildings, extraordinary architecture and towers, people dressed in medieval clothes with restaurants lit only with candles…  Town Hall building is situated in the midst of the square. Some of the finest, but as the local say the most overpriced restaurants are placed around the square. But who can resist having a hot drink with a view on the Town Hall and its majestic surrounding. Town hall Pharmacy is located in the circle of the Town hall buildings. It dates back to 1422 and still uses and show cases recipes from that era.


My recommendations:

  • Get lost in Tallinn – you are not really in danger of getting lost but let yourself go and there may be a surprise waiting behind every corner
  • Get warm in any church or museum and Tallinn is packed with those (this of course applies if you are there during the cold months like I was)
  • Consult Tourist Info Center – there is a free net there, free city maps and a free 2 hour walking tour. The guides do expect tips though but they are great and deserve it!


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