Why I fell in love with London?!

With my love for English language and literature I have always wanted to visit Britain. The country of Jane Austin, sisters Bronte, Shakespeare… It was so romanticized in my head that I couldn’t wait to experience it firsthand. I got the opportunity to visit London and it exceeded my expectations. I simply fell in love with London. I enjoyed it so much I wanted to stay there. Here’s why…


Firstly, I was amazed how everything was tourist friendly. Being there for the first time, I wanted to see all the big attractions I was reading about and teaching in English lessons. Even if you are not on the strong side with English, everything in London is in the service of tourists so you will have no problem finding all of the touristy places. Most of them are marked on maps and on underground transport lines and stations. You can easily find out how to get where you want. In some places there are signs that are practically leading you to the next attraction. If you add an effective and easy transport system to that, you are all set for sightseeing.


The big circle in the centre of London will lead you around the biggest attractions you would want to see. I started from The Big Ben. The Parliament Building itself captivated my attention. I could stay only around this area for one whole day. The gardens behind the building gave a different perspective on this prominent site. What a lovely place to just sit, enjoy the sculptures and the view especially when you get to experience London in a nice weather. Westminster Abbey, the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus – all of these famous places could be seen in one long breathtaking walk. Yes, it would take some time especially if you are there for the first time because you will not be able to resist the urge to just stop and admire the architecture and surroundings. But it’s doable and remarkable!

What really captured my soul in this place were the parks! Ah…their charm, especially in the autumn mesmerized me! Their vastness and a sort of elegance made such an impression on me that they became the reason for me to want to live in London. I couldn’t believe how squirrels would come to me without fear in St. James’ park. Kensington gardens – it was the story for itself. This Royal Park is a perfect blend of amazing colors, statues and the palace. Hyde Park, on the other hand, appears magical with thousands of feathered animals around the Serpentine Lake. There are many things you can do there but even if you just opt for a long walk, you will not be disappointed.

In addition to the beauty and architecture of the city, London has so much more to offer. You cannot come to London and not visit some of its remarkable museums. When I first saw The Natural History Museum I gasped! This Romanesque architecture made this building one of the most iconic landmarks of London. It is so majestic I thought it was a palace! The whole Museum district is so remarkable that you simply are drawn to enter these estates and take a look into their interior. The interior is, on the other hand, equally captivating, I assure you.


What can’t be London left without?! Shopping! Although it is considered to be one of the most expensive cities in Europe, there are shopping opportunities for anybody’s pocket. The famous Harrods department store is a city of its own. You can get lost in there. Be prepared that the prices here are very high though. But the ambient is remarkable! The Oxford Street is the source of abundance for shoppers. There are all kinds of stores here from the high end ones to the affordable fashion. In the end it’s just fabulous to walk around here.

London is one of the most amazing cities I have ever visited. I loved being here and inhaling all of the diversities this city has to offer. In the next posts I will get into details about what to do and what you can expect from different attractions.

On this note, I must address the recent terrorist  attack that happened in London and say that my prayers are with the victims.


Until the next post!




  1. Vlad says:

    One of the best stories about London I recently read, so vivid! It reminds of wonderful time I spent there. It makes me go back to London tomorow! Look forward to your next post about it. Many thanks! Btw…great photos as well!

    1. I appreciate it! Special praise to the photographer 🙂 <3

  2. Lizzie says:

    Great post. I feel in love with England too for a lot of the same reasons. You have some fantastic photos too.

    1. Thank you Lizzie! I am so happy you like it1 <3

  3. Irena says:

    Divne fotografije! Lepo je evocirati uspomene na moj drugi dom ☺

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