Halkidiki/Sarti – vacation on the beaches of Sarti

Since we have done our share of traveling, my boyfriend and I have decided we wanted a stay-on-the-beach and relax kind of vacation and we wanted something close by. Thus, Halkidiki.

It is close to Kosovo (Serbia) border and it’s only 400km to SARTI where we have decided to spend our holiday.

How have we decided on Sarti you ask… Well, after doing a research I leant that Halkidiki is the gem of Greece with so many gorgeous beaches. Since the trip was last minute we haven’t had any reservations for accommodation but it usually isn’t the problem to find accommodation on the spot – we thought 🙂

The place we first wanted to stay was Nikiti since there were a lot of nice recommendations for it online but there goes the accommodation or the lack of it because it was the peak of the season and there were no available rooms anywhere. So we moved along… I am not going to say that we didn’t stray for a bit looking for a convenient place, but when we got to Sarti it was it. And we haven’t had much problems finding the accommodation.

Here’s a tip: do bother to go an extra mile to the end of the pedestrian zone because the best places are hidden there.

We found a great villa with a stunning view on the sea and just a couple of hundreds of meters away from the beach.


Now comes the fun part – the beaches!

The beach in Sarti is amazig! It is a sandy beach 3km long that has a blue flag – which means it is extra clean and safe. It can be crowded at parts but there are also some areas of the beach where you can take your own parasol and towels and enjoy this beautiful beach for free. At this beach there are different bars with good but not too loud music and free wifi with drinks. Also you get your two seats and a parasol for free if you order two drinks. If you’re into sports on the beach, you can find a volleyball nets and pair up with friendly people from the beach.

Kavourotrypes of Orange beach is one of the most popular attractive beaches in this area and for a good reason. You know when you see those perfectly azure photos of a sea and a beach – well here you get exactly that. Wonderful clear water with what seems endless blue coast. There is a big “parking” place by the road – it is actually just a road that goes through the forest so you can park in that area. But you must go on foot in order to reach this beach. It is not very easy approachable in some parts but it also depends on what kind of beach you like. There are several beaches that are located one after the other. It can also get crowded here due to its popularity but it is worth the trouble. I loved the last one which is the least approachable and quite small but the water is the cleanest here and at parts it is around one meter deep until it gets a bit deeper. Beautiful photography spot!

Amenistis beach is a great camping beach. Its clean water and perfect conditions awarded it with the blue flag quality. It can get crowded during the day but it is pretty vast so there’s place for everyone. There are showers and toilets on the beach as well as coffee bar and a fast food stand. If you are staying longer than two hours you must buy something that costs more than 5e for two and show it on the way out. It was great for valleyball and some other beach sports. But this beach is perfect for its direct view on the mountain Atos – unforgettable view!

Kriaritsi beach is the most serene and least crowded beach. It is located on the opposite side of the Orange beach south from Sarti. There’s not much on this beach but the crystal clear water. However, if you go for a walk around this area and engage in some rock climbing as we did, you will also have an amazing view. There is a nice restaurant close by which owns a set of seats and parasols on the beach.  A waiter visits it from time to time (not as often as I’d like) and will bring you drinks or even a nice summer salad. I definitely recommend this beach if you want to stay away from the crowds.

The food in this area is pretty good. They do serve a lot of meat but as any seaside place you can indulge in different seafood. A great variety of barbecue and seafood is overwhelming and there are many places that give you a domestic vibe. But if you are more for a cheaper, but nevertheless, very tasteful meal, you can also have a go at some of the fast food restaurants where you can take a gyros or kebabs or they serve mixed meat with plenty of food on one plate.


All in all, I was pleasantly surprised with this part of the Greece. Sithonia’s marvelous beaches were a true delight and I will definitely recommend it for both young people who want fun beaches and families who seek some peaceful vacation.


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