Germany – chasing castles

It was my first time in the North of Germany, precisely North-Rhine Westphalia. My adventure started in Duisdorf through Dusseldorf, Cologne and Bonn. Imagine my delight when I learnt how many gorgeous castles are in this area!




Just an hour away from Cologne, a stunning medieval castle stands in its glory. This Romanesque castle is the largest reconstructed castle in NRW (North -Rhine Westphalia). You can take a type of ski chairlift to the castle or take a walk through picturesque town to it. Although it doesn’t look like a typical fairy tale castle, it certainly gives out the romantic vibe. That is if we neglect the brutal history of Europe during the dark and medieval ages. Here you can also see some exhibits of medieval weapons and armours.

The entrance fee is 5 Euros which is worth the walk around the castle. The view is spectacular from the towers where prisoners were held. The interior is more romanticized than the original castle. However, you still get to see how the toilet used to look like. 🙂

While here, don’t miss the opportunity to indulge in some of the best German waffles (Bergische Waffeln)!





In this castle you cannot take a regular buy-ticket-tour. It is a unique castle because people still live in it! When I was there in January, the place was empty because they were closed for the holidays. But we saw that everything looks like someone is home! And they were. The family residing there is part of the history of the castle that dates back to 12th century.

The castle is easily approachable, situated in a colorful little town of Mechernich. This Gothic castle is surrounded by a moat which gave it its name “water castle”. The majestic exterior of castle’s bright red and white shutters is so warm and inviting for the visitors. This castle houses many children’s plays as well as concerts and other cultural events on regular basis.

You should check if the castles work during the winter periods. Although this one wasn’t working, we could enter the yard and walk around. This also gave us the opportunity to take some beautiful photos of the Burg without other people in the capture.






On the right bank of the river Rhine lays a city Kὃnigswinter. On the Drachenfel hill above the city raises a magnificent fairytale castle – Drachenburg. It was built in 1882 as a private villa. From a parking lot there is a 10 minute walk that will lead you to the castle. Another way to come directly in front of the castle’s entrance is to take a train. It is a charming ride I presume, but only if you are willing to spend 10 Euros for it.

Be warned that the castle is closed from November to March. Unfortunately, I have missed that information when I was planning a visit there. But I haven’t regretted visiting it. There is another 10 minute walk further up the castle. It leads past the ruins of an old castle to the viewing platform. The view reaches over the city Kὃnigswinter and it is magnificent. Moreover, if you decide to take children with you, you can also take them to the Reptiles Zoo located just below the castle.






The splendor of these castles was enchanting. Thus, the sight of Cologne (Kὃln) Cathedral of Saint Peter was so unexpectedly mesmerizing. Rightfully a World Heritage Site, it is one of the most visited landmarks in Germany. The external height is almost 150m.

The grand structure of the Cathedral is a true Masterpiece. If you decide you want to see the view over Cologne, you can climb the Cathedral’s tower but you can only do so up to 15h.

I have enjoyed this castle chasing. But there are some more castles left for me to discover. Until next time, enjoy the journey!






  1. Irena says:

    Na ovim fotografijama si kao neka princeza! ☺ Dobar predlog za dnevne izlete, draga Marija! Pozdrav! 💜☺

    1. Hvala ti lepotice! Neizmerno mi je drago sto ti se svidja! Ljubim 💕

  2. Dragica says:

    Draga Marija…dosta korisnih informacija uz prelepe fotografije…Savrseno!

    1. Hvala ti dgara moja! Jako mi je drago sto ti se svidja! :*

  3. Hier bietet sich v.a. ein Fell aus Lamm an. Dieser Stoff bzw. dieses Material ist besonders angenehm und ebenfalls schonend fürs Pferd.

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