Amsterdam’s attractions – what to do, where to go in Amsterdam

Here is the extensive list of the attractions I liked and thought you could experience while in Amsterdam. I have covered several biggest landmarks in a post here, so you can choose what to see depending on your interests and the time on your disposal. Of course Amsterdam is such a diverse city whose real spirit cannot be conveyed by only seeing its landmarks. And it’s always fun to explore more! Moreover, if you think that it will be a problem that you do not speak Dutch, everybody speaks English and they will gladly point you into the right direction if you need help.

  • A canal cruise

There are different options for this one – you can take a one hour canal cruise which costs 16e per person (8e for children to 12 years old), a day boat hop-on-hop-off tour for 21e or many others such as cocktail cruise (37,50e), private luxury canal cruise (from 72e), pizza cruise (39e), etc. I personally recommend Lovers canal cruise for bus and boat (25e). It is valid for 24hrs and you can change from bus to boat depending on the sight you want to hop-off to and spend some time at. And don’t worry, this isn’t exclusively for lovers 🙂


  • The Diamonds factory

Did you know the difference between a diamond and a brilliant? Or have you ever seen one in person? Well, you can do that in one of the oldest diamond factories in Amsterdam – Gassan Diamonds. Here you get to learn a bit about the delicate process of diamond cutting and what it takes to have a wonderful sparkly stone. You can also see some real diamonds and brilliants and will be offered to shop their jewelry on a discount price. If you are set on buying a diamond ring, you must prepare at least 600e for the cheapest diamond ring.  (Tour is FREE)


  • Jewish quarter

Besides the Gossan Diamonds Factory, this district provides the wealth of landmarks, flea markets and museums. One of them is Rembrandt’s House Museum which was the original Rembrandt’s house. You will find here some of his earliest work and sketches and also learn about his life. (13e)

  • Ann Frank’s house

You have probably heard about Ann Frank’s diary –  a journal kept by a Jewish girl while hiding from the Nazi during the WWII. She and her family had a secret passage in this house and were hiding there for two years. Her father was the only one who survived and he published her journal which he later found. (10e)

  • Damrak and Dam square

Around 750m from the Centraal Station of Amsterdam is a town square built on the original location of the dam in the river Amstel. From here, Red lights District is only a short walk away. Street Kalvestraat – a big shopping street also goes from this direction. There is a magnificent Royal Palace at this square (mostly open for visitors) along with the War memorial and the Nieuwe Kerk. Amsterdam also has a famous Madam Tussaud’s Wax Museum located at this square. (24e).

  • Heineken experience

In Amsterdam you can visit the original brewery that made Heineken beer. Here you can learn something about this famous beer production and yes, there are two free beers with the ticket (18e).

  • Ice bar

If you are interested to see how does a bar solely made of ice looks like – here it is! The temperature is -10C degrees but visitors are provided with a thermal coat and gloves to keep them warm. Even the glasses they serve drinks in are made of ice. The price paid for the entry includes one cocktail or two beers. ( 20e)

  • Marihuana shops

Since smoking marihuana is legal in Amsterdam, there are plenty of cafes where you can find it. But you should pay attention to the signs that say COFFEESHOP. If it is written separately than it means it is a regular coffee shop. There are also Smart shops that sell some other types of opiates. These are places to treat yourself with a marihuana cigarette or a cookie or similar. The prices go from 5e for 1gr to 6e for a cookie, and so on in accordance with your desire. But you can only buy 5 grams per person in one shop.

  • Artis Royal Zoo

This is a wonderful oasis in the middle of the city. There are many animals here some which are at the verge of extinction. It is interesting that the animals are not captivated in cages in the traditional sense. You can come close to many animals and see them up close even the really scary ones. (21,50e).

  • Where to eat

The restaurants around the city center can get really expensive. However there are always some more affordable places you can find. Chips that is being sold on the streets is not worth the price of 3e or so but they do put a lot of mayonnaise and onions if you’re into that. However there are some excellent pancake houses around the city. And awesome places to have a coffee in, like this old castle-like restaurant de Waag but recommended only for drinks. I have been in a few Italian places and I was not thrilled with the food which was overpriced.

Amsterdam offers the abundance of amazing places. It is definitely a great place to visit. Hope this post will help you get the idea of what can be seen in Amsterdam and also help you prepare for your trip. So here is the whole list of the places I thought should be in your itinerary.

  • Centraal Station of Amsterdam
  • Nicholas Church
  • Damrak/Dam square
  • Madame Tussauds
  • Red Light District
  • Flower Market
  • Jewish Quarter
  • Rembrandt House Museum
  • Artis Royal Zoo
  • Heineken experience
  • Rijksmuseum
  • Van Gogh Museum
  • IAmsterdam sign
  • Ann Frank House
  • Jordaan district
  • Ice bar
  • Skinny Bridge
  • Windmill de Gooyer
  • Gasson Diamonds
  • Caffeeshop




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