About me


“A female traveler who isn’t afraid to jump out into the unknown world, experience new cultures, do it alone, and have a blast! She can flashpack in fancy places and backpack on a shoestring, she can beach bum or take on huge mountains, she is strong and kind, and always up for a laugh”

HELLO! I’m Marija, a Serbian girl from Kosovo, Serbia. I’m an Orthodox Christian in love with travels, photography and the world in general. Follow me to read (and in the foreseeable future – watch) about my experiences as a traveler and a mountain climber.


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What to expect here?

A lot of pictures!

I love photography and I like to pose 🙂 That’s why there will be a lot of photos which will try to express the beauty of each place I visit.

I try to provide tips that I’ve experienced work for each country I’ve visited. There are still a lot of traveling to be done and a lot of tricks to overcome, but  i am willing to share what I have learned so far.


How often do I publish?

I publish a post every single week.

Whether it’s a reportage or a few helpful tips from a travel or a mountain, or just photos to inspire you, I will be with you every week!


One of my hobbies includes conquering mountain tops and enjoy mountain climbing. Serbia is beautiful alpine country which offers a lot of exquisite climbing experiences. I have started this sport a couple of years ago and I’ve been enjoying it ever since. It feeds my soul and I hope to possibly open appetite in you to try it – because it’s not as difficult as it seems!